How They Ride

Electric bikes have evolved to become more elegant and easy to use. Electric bicycles are now more like regular bicycles than ever before. They blend human energy and electric energy from a compact motor to create the perfect human-electric hybrid vehicle that intuitively augments your own pedaling power to help you climb hills, slice through headwinds and go faster and further on a bike than ever before – all while you perspire less!

Today, electric bikes are more durable, more reliable and more convenient than ever before!

Speedy! • Think cars are that much faster than an e-bike? Think again. The average car speed for around-town driving is 18 mph. Average e-bike speed? A very respectable 15 mph.

Still Exercise! • A new University of Colorado Boulder study says that regular e-bike usage has health benefits. Though they’re pedal assist, a e-bike can still give you a workout, improving your cardiovascular health, fitness, and aerobic capacity. The results were most prevalent in previously sedentary riders.

Haul a Load! • Many e-bikes let you haul a load sweat-free. Come to the shop and we’ll show you around our wonderful e-bike selection!

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