Santa Cruz Bicycles was founded in 1993 in a space the size of a single car garage in the Seabright Cannery, in Santa Cruz California. Their first bike, the Tazmon, was a single pivot dual suspension bike that rattled established sensibilities and helped define their ethos of “simply advanced.” That bike was the cornerstone for a brand that was founded on the notion of doing things originally in order to build the best.

Santa Cruz now manufacture s16 models of mountain bike which includes a full women’s Juliana range.  Made from either carbon fiber or aluminum, they cover everything from hardtails to 8.5″ travel downhill machines.  They offer two suspension technologies; efficient single-pivot designs on certain aluminium bikes, and their advanced VPP (Virtual Pivot Point) technology on all high end models. VPP bikes are available with a wide range of component and suspension options to choose from, each hand-assembled to order in a California factory. Every Santa Cruz bike is the distillation of a desire to ride and build the highest performance mountain bikes in the world. No more, no less.

Current Inventory at Roseville Cyclery

Hightower LT XE / Carbon C Grey Medium $5699
Nomad S Carbon C 27.5 XE / Carbon C Blue Large $5299
TallBoy S Carbon C 29 R / Aluminum Black Medium $4799
TallBoy 29 R / Aluminum Black Medium $3299
TallBoy 29 R / Aluminum Tan Large $3299
Bronson 2.0 a R1 Green/Black Medium $3299
Bronson 2.1 C R1 Siracha Medium $3899
5010 D 27.5 Siracha Medium $2649
5010 D 27.5 Black Large $2649
5010 2.0 a R1 27.5 Black Large $3299
Blur 3 C 29 R Black Medium $3699
Blur 3 C 29 R Red Large $3699
Blur 3 CC 29 X01 Black CBN Large $6399
Chameleon R / Aluminum Green/Purple Large $2349
Julianna Furtado 2.1 C R1 Blue X-Small $3899
Julianna Furtado 2.1 S-Kit Blue Small $4799
Julianna Furtado 2.1 S-Kit Blue Small $4799
Julianna Roubion 27.5 C S Green Small $4899
Julianna Joplin D Coral Small $2699

Last update on 6/27/18 – Please call shop at (916)783.1100 for most current list.

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