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90 Day Service Guarantee on all our Tune-Ups!* See details below.

Annual Service
Preventative care is the best performance policy.  With this service we’ll remove, clean and lube all drivetrain components, clean and polish the frame, adjust your brake, and tension & true your wheels.


Basic Service
Think of this as your bike check-up. We’ll adjust your brakes and gears, plus make sure the wheels are rolling straight.


Safety Check
Give yourself peace of mind when cruising on your bike. 


* Here at Roseville Cyclery we believe we have some of the best service technicians in the industry. We are so confident that we offer a 90 day service satisfaction guarantee!  Yes, you read that right! We guarantee our tune-ups, minor adjustments, and installation of parts and accessories purchased here at Roseville Cyclery for 90 days from the date of purchase. 


In order to provide this amazing service we have a few guidelines that need to be considered: 


1) Service guarantee only covers parts and accessories purchased and installed through Roseville Cyclery. Any damage or attempt to adjust any portion of the bicycle or parts and accessories after a service by anyone other than a Roseville Cycelry employee voids the Guarantee.


2) If a service bike has a part recommended for replacement by our service technician and the customer declined the service, then the Guarantee is void for that part and relating group of parts on the bicycle (e.g. a chain declined for replacement will exclude the drivetrain from the Guarantee).


3) Any adjustments made after a bicycle is serviced needs to be performed by a Roseville Cyclery employee to keep the guarantee active.


4) Any damage that has occurred after a service immediately excludes the part and group from the guarantee.


5) Only parts or accessories purchased through Roseville Cyclery are covered by the Guarantee.
For our 48 hour turnaround guarantee this may be subject to change if parts are needed and not available in-stock at the shop.
1) If parts are needed they will be tracked down and you will be notified of an ETA for the part to arrive

2) The bike will then be scheduled for the day the part is expected to arrive in the shop so we get you back riding as soon as possible!