Suspension Services

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We do service better. Here at Roseville Cyclery we have a team of the best service technician around. The RC staff have a depth of knowledge, experience and technical skills worthy of bragging about. We are proud to offer our customers a service center that’s next level.

Suspension Services

50 hour fork and shock service

100 hour fork and shock service

Pivot overhaul

Dropper post service




Pivot Overhaul

Dropper post service

 Think of this as your routine “oil change.” Do this regularly to keep your suspension not only feeling smooth, but also to prevent premature wear.This is a service you will really notice the difference after completion! Full tear down of the fork, all internal seals and o-rings replaced, and all oil replaced. Rear shock gets the same treatment. Interested in a custom tune? This would be a great starting point to really dial in your ride!If the rear triangle of your bike moves independently of the front triangle, this is a service you're going to want! Removes rear triangle from bike to thoroughly clean and inspect all parts associated with rear suspension., new pivot bearings (or bushings) included, hardware tightened to manufacturer specification.Often forgot about, until it doesn't work, don't wait till it ruins a ride! This service replaces necessary parts inside your post so you keep rolling worry free!